Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 Minutes to Dinner

The last quart of frozen white bean -ham soup from a year ago is warming for dinner as I write. Looked in the supermarket for a cornbread mix - remember Jiffy mixes?  They had Blueberry Muffin mix, pie crust mix and yellow cake mix. No cornbread mix anywhere so I settled for a carton of four corn muffins that will have to do but they are FAR from cornbread.

Wanted to break cornbread in the bowl ad top with the hot soup. These muffins are much too soft and mushy for that - we'll just toast them and eat on the side. Bummer.

Not much of a day; the morning temp was 9 degrees when I woke up; DH would not let me leave the house for swim practice so I made a batch of egg salad and then began chopping everything in the fridge until I had a big freezer bag full of vegetables and seasoning to make - what else? Soup!

By afternoon it warmed to 31 degrees and I headed for the pool after lunch finding very few people there. Apparently I am not the only one reticent about facing the wind-chill factor.  Thank Gawd this is not Minneapolis!!

Heading to Honey Ham shop tomorrow to buy a bone and then more soup making gets underway.  Meantime we'll have the last bowl of the old soup tonight and by the weekend we can begin a whole new pot.   Stay tuned. . . .

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