Friday, January 17, 2014


What have I been doing? What besides swim practice every morning,  OLLI class on Wednesdays, fixing dinner and doing laundry. Shopping of course, the weather has been mild and it is my chance to get out. 

Look at my newest toy:  Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 158.140, circa 1965.  Have not named her yet but I need a sexy name. Why a old cheap sewing machine when I have two others that are perfectly fine?  Cannot use the Flynn Frame for machine quilting because my Bernina is stuck in the sewing table and the top does not accommodate the frame. Cannot use my Featherweight because the feed dogs do not drop (?) AND cannot use the old Singer in the Club Art Room because the feed dogs do not drop or that one either!!!!  SO-O-O-O to make a long story shorter (maybe), found a mechanical Kenmore at the thrift shop and jumped on it. For sure the feed dogs drop and I can turn it sideways to accommodate the frame but it is very heavy. Why do they call them 'portables' when you can hardly lift them? 

EXCEPT it does not have a bobbin case (bobbins look just like the Bernina bobbins), and only later did I discover that it uses 'cams' to make decorative stitches. Not that I need those. At any rate after spending a long time online and finding Sears parts for old Kenmore machines, I ordered a replacement bobbin case, bobbins and (why not?), Kenmore needles. Expect to be up and running by this time next week. 
What to call her?

Had fun looking her over and testing the parts that work but life must be addressed at some time. Back to the kitchen (sometimes I forget where it is?), to start dinner. We've having the leftovers from Honey Ham's BBQ Rib Rack because the Mister thinks they are the best and a side of California Citrus Salad, the classic made with orange, blood orange, red onion, celery tops and Poppyseed dressing. It took me years to figure out the logic to this sweet/sour salad until I realized that in order to quell the red onion you need the citrus to cancel the onion (so your breath will not smell!). Plus I really like the poppy seed dressing but what else could you use it for?

Off to practice ballroom dance in a few minutes IF the Mister agrees to get out of old, faded, ragged jeans and put on something respectable. Or maybe not?

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