Wednesday, January 29, 2014


"Timing is Everything"   

Snow in the yard
That may be the most valuable thing I write today.  Was I vetching last week about being so tired?  If ever we needed soup, today's the day. We had the first snow of the season last night waking up to a yard covered in snow. 

Sorry Minnesota, North Carolina does not relish snow the way northern sportsmen do. 
Still, considering Atlanta's situation we are cozy and comfortable. 

Somehow my feelings of pressure and overachieving dissipated this morning when realizing that I had no where to go and could work on whatever seemed right I have been knocking off items on the list one after the other.  

The baby quilt is done; just sewed the hanging sleeve on the back and already have a label and box ready to pack.

The next item will be a letter to tiny Peyton E. R. to enclose with the quilt.  And of course, congratulations to Androm and Patrick.

It feels so good to finally be done.  There are mixed emotions as I hate to give it up but I want the parents to enjoy the work with their newborn.

Following the quilt packing will be the hanging sleeve on the back of my free-motion quilted yoga mat that is going to the Club Center's Art Gallery for hanging on Saturday.

Art Gallery director called me for any creations that could be displayed for the next four months and since my pool practice is taking up ALL my time, the mat will not be useful until the summer months.  

Wonky, scrappy Log Cabins

What's next on the agenda?

Perhaps I'm getting in over my head but DH and I have a concert date in two weeks where we will "Demo" a few dance steps as accompaniment to a band concert.

DH is nervous. So am I; I'm writing the narrative to reference the songs to be played while I give a brief description of the dance.

Brief anything is difficult for me - especially talking about dance. ???  stay tuned.

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