Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow, Snow, Go Away

The first snow storm of January 29 was beautiful, white, frosty and glistening. Two weeks later it's not so beautiful, white or glistening. It's a mess.  Two storms covering the end of January and mid-February and I'm done with winter. The vernal equinox comes on March 21st and not soon enough.

Sometimes I envy Wanda Hansen of the "Exuberant Color" blog; she can sew and quilt for hours at a time and posts nearly every day. Like me she's an older woman, passionate about quilting but she is widowed and shoveling her own sidewalk. Yes, the Mister can sometimes be contrary and difficult but I think I will keep him a while longer.

Everything was closed today and the notice that UNC Wellness will be closed all day tomorrow has just arrived. That means I will not be having swim practice (missing Tue/Thur/ Fri,), and if I miss another practice then having a lesson on Monday will be pointless. My teacher, Ms. M.W. is home with her two daughters because all public schools are closed today.

We got through dinner last night with rotisserie chicken, a casserole dish of sweet potatoes-carrots-prunes with dried cranberries and pineapple bits to season. The mister had purchased a pound cake flavored Almond-Vanilla. The flavoring was so fake even I couldn't eat it (?), That's bad. The club dining room is still closed for all but assisted living and the health clinic. My freezer is now serving a good purpose. If the sun begins to shine tomorrow for the melt-down, maybe we'll have dinner in the Club Dining room (first since Tuesday).

This morning I cut into the Vanilla Bundt cake that I bought and it's wonderful; been trying not to eat it all day. Dinner tonight will be chicken soup made from the leftover rotisserie chicken, chopped carrots, celery and napa cabbage served with added peas over yolk-less egg noodles. Mister does not like yolk-less noodles but he is not making the soup.

Roads are a mess but maybe by later tomorrow he can get out and about (why?) and get some fresh air. Meantime I am sewing, sewing and more sewing and my back is beginning to ache. Will need some activity tomorrow to get the joints moving again.

What am I sewing on you ask?  Did I actually say I would make a table runner for a holiday celebration next December? I'm sewing triangles into a six-pointed star and have discovered I have a dinstinct dislike for geometry; especially triangles. Matching the points is maddening and trying to get an even star shape while making scrappy triangles for the surround and background is not working.  Got a sample made today with the help of DH's copy/fax machine BUT tomorrow will try for another layout. This one is not good. The only thing I would like less is making five-pointed stars instead of six, but hey, who's counting?

Thing is I always thought I was really good at geometry; but this is a challenge greater than I anticipated. And to make matters worse, it is paper-piecing. That means that even if the pattern does make up nicely you STILL have to tear off lots of tiny pieces of paper from the back before you can quilt or finish the project. Bummer. Maybe it is the paper I dislike and not the triangles?  Or maybe both?

Step-Daughter JWK just called with news of a second job interview tomorrow. Go Girl - kick ass and take no prisoners! You must go where the opportunities lie. Makes me grateful that my own business career is over and done with. Except for getting old (?), there are some good things about life in retirement.  Be back another day…..

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