Saturday, February 22, 2014


Time to sort and plan as the snow kept us home bound for a few days; then a rush-rush to make up the lost days. Got my haircut a week later; had a blood test delayed for 4 days (hate it when you fast for no reason!), and got the supermarket to re-stock items for the pantry.

Meantime, I wasn't getting any closer to having a buffing wheel-workbench; nor was the triangle-paper-piecing project proceeding very quickly.

Facing me in the next few weeks are two major intrusions on my work. First the builder of this fine villa did not install the floors properly so when the ordered flooring arrives my dining room and studio will have the furniture moved out to replace gaping, warping boards. Will be glad to have a level floor without cracks but wish the replacement work was not needed.

Second, after a year of not using a screened-porch we have decided to remodel the villa enclosing the porch and converting about 140+ sq. ft. to a reading-lounge-breakfast room where DH can read the NYTimes, sip coffee and catch the latest CNN news. The demolition work will be done outside but eventually a tripartite-glass-sliding door will be removed from the kitchen wall allowing for a big archway passage directly to the kitchen. Work is scheduled to begin March 3 but may or may not coincide with the floor repairs that are dependent on delivery.

Such is my life now; planning what to start, what to pack and how much can I cut and pack to take to the Center's Art Room to sew there while work progresses here. I'm in a total fuss.

Meantime, I made a major purchase. After stewing for more than a week I finally got the nerve to visit the Habitat ReStore to look at used cabinets for the garage. Since DH does not want my double 6" grinder/buffing wheel on HIS workbench - I bought a cabinet section that I think will work fine and will fit into a cleared space.  That space got cleared as soon as I got home this morning (first sweeping sand out of the garage), and situating it near an outlet.  AND also bought a counter top or rather a fragment of a top that is solid, heavy granite just 2 " wider than the cabinet for a convenient overhang.

Tomorrow I practice in the pool and rest some but come MONDAY, I pick up the items at the shop and begin setting up my polishing - buffing wheel for working on silverware and other jewelry pieces. Very thrilled about the prospects.  Stay tuned, . . . . .

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